Farthest North Bridge Club

November 13, 2009 Called to order at 5:30 – DRAFT, pending approval of the Board.

Attending: David, Gordon, Patty attending. Nancy out of town. Mike arrived 5:45. The phone was missing, so the plans to have Nancy call in, were not achievable.

Approved the October minutes. David motioned. Gordon seconded. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer: Attached (NovFinance2009)

Old Business:

2010 Sectional: Eveything is in place for the Elks. Nancy will let us know the details of the sanction dates etc.
The Elks would not give us a contract but both David and Nancy say the Elks contact noted it in two separate books.
Elks would not take a deposit and would not write a contract. Penny suggested we write up the contract.

More directors: Gail will probably take the test this winter. Penny is also interested. Anyone can download the book from the web site.

Ivan ‘s departure. Gordon has emailed people about various possibilities. Gail will open the building. Ivan is leaving the 24th of November. Quite a few others are leaving the 8-9th of December. Betty will be gone until March; several will be gone until the third weekend in January. After December 8th , Gordon will be available to be both the Tuesday and Friday director. Mirjim has volunteered to help, but she is also planning to go out of town; Gordon is trying to determine how much she is willing to do. Patty suggested a flyer announcing what we need and what we would pay. Gordon thinks we are better sending it out by email and then announcing it, so he will do this between now and next Tuesday.

Cold weather policy will remain the same if we have someone to make the calls. For now it will remain this way. If there are 10 people who want to play, there will be a game, regardless of the weather.

New Business:

Upcoming special events: Should the game on Xmas be cancelled? Mike moves to cancel it. Patty seconded. Unanimous approval.
We will have a game on New Years Day. We could have an extra game on 12/31. We’ll look for someone to coordinate a party.

Penny announced we will have a thankful potluck on the 27th, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Plans are up in the air for Xmas or winter holidays party.

At this point Patty had to leave and the rest of the minutes were completed by David.