Farthest North Bridge, ACBL Unit 426, Board Meeting December 10, 2010


Attending: Gordon, David, Nancy & Patty attended. Axel is in the hospital, critically ill.

Minutes: October 2010 minutes will be addressed in the next couple of days

Manager’s Report: None since this position is currently vacant

Informal treasurer’s report by Gordon in lieu of an actual treasurer:

From the bank statement: As of 11/30 the account $4962.53. Savings shows $3002.23.

November attendance was down to 43.5 tables. Two games were cancelled due to the freezing rain. ACBL fees are unpaid by the club for the past few months; they are on Gordon’s credit card. It is around a couple of hundred. Patty needs to go to the bank and get on the account. David will also. We need to go see Raven Riddle; Gordon will email the details.

Old Business:

Chairs: David will check with the senior center regarding new chairs for the senior center. Patty made a motion. And David seconded it to authorize up to 1000 for at least 16 new chairs for the senior center.

Tournament: Elks Club has changed managers and he had new ideas about how to do business. There is a written contract. He will honor the original price $1200. Patty made a motion and David seconded it that the president can sign the contract and take a check to the Elks club. ACBL has sanctioned the tournament.

Gordon sent the ACBL paper in that allows us to continue with our current weekly games and award master points

Mike has officially resigned. We can have Ivan listed as the official manager again.

Our membership has dropped due to people moving.

More directors: Julie has taken her test, but is out of town for the winter. Shirley believes she will pass. Gail will take her test soon. Penny may take it in the spring.

Ivan will be leaving the end of December and back by April 1 st. Suggestions? Judith or Betty might be possibilities. The Wed game is lacking someone to promote it and it needs official scoring. Gordon would like to see this game continue. Perhaps Marcia would do it. Perhaps Buzz will make the calls for the Tuesday and Friday games.

New business:

Penny has taken out “ Easy Bridge” ads. The bridge club needs to authorize it. Consensus. We are lucky Penny does this!

Gordon has a key to the PO box. With Axel out of town, Gordon has been picking up the mail. Our box number is 84163. Would anyone else like to have a key to the box?

Should there be a game on New Years eve? We will take a poll of players tonight.

Suggestion from the box: none

Next meeting: will be set when there is business to handle; Nancy will call in.

David moved to adjourn at about 6:45 and Nancy seconded it. Unanimous.