Farthest North Bridge, ACBL Unit 426, Board Meeting October 15, 2010


Attending: Gordon, David, Axel, Nancy & Patty.

Minutes: April & August 2010 minutes approved

Manager’s Report: None since this position is currently vacant

Informal treasurer’s report by Gordon in lieu of an actual treasurer: $965 + free play coupons; 262 players for the month. Most September bills are paid. After remaining expenses, we will be ahead about $200 for the month. We have a $58 check coming for the club share of memberships. It will go to Mike since we did not have a new treasurer yet; he will deposit to the Wells Fargo account through his local branch. We will get him off the account as soon as we have a new treasurer.

Ivan came in and informed us he will be gone from January until about April. We .will need to discuss this at the next meeting

Officers were selected by unanimous consent:

Other Roles:

Club Manager: Ivan was the manager for many years. Now ACBL requires electronic connections and Ivan does not do that. Ivan is listed in this position for ACBL, so visitors can call him for information. He will also make sure we have certified directors at each of the games. Axel is willing to assist Ivan by doing the monthly reports for ACBL, using Ivan’s account for reporting purposes.

Special Games: Gordon will continue to set the calendar for special games.

Directors: Julie, Penny and Gayle are all in the final stages of preparation to be directors.

Costume Party: On Friday 10/29 the club will sponsor a Pizza party, with 2 prizes for free plays and a club appreciation game. The other club appreciation games for October will be earlier that week, Tuesday 10/26 & Wednesday 10/27.

Suggestion from the box: none

Next meeting: will be set when there is business to handle; Nancy will call in.

Adjourned: David moved to adjourned at 6:48 PM. Axel seconded. BACK