Unit 426 Farthest North Bridge Board               February 22, 2010 

Attending: Board members David Williams, Nancy Williams, Patty Meritt and Business Manager Bonnie Williams

Meeting opened by David

There was a moment of silence in memory of Buzz.

Changes or additions to the agenda

Bonnie suggested that Ivan and Gordon be removed from being signators on the club’s bank accounts, as they are no longer in Alaska.

Treasury Report

Bonnie reported the net balance up to this date as:

Bank balance………..$2,959.53

Saving account……...$3,002.73




Minutes from last meeting

Approved unanimously.


Patty said most of the members she had talked to approved of the new chairs wholeheartedly. However she said some had complained that the entire club should have voted on it. It was pointed out they might prove to be good candidates for serving on the board.

New board member

Patty moved that Penny Wakefield, who was recommended by Bonnie and other members, be appointed to the board. Penny had been contacted previously and agreed to serve. Nancy seconded the motion. Penny was unanimously approved.

Patty asked how many board members the bylaws allowed. It was 5, Bonnie said, while looking at the bylaws.  We now have five with Penny. Bonnie is continuing in the non-voting position of business manager.

Selection of Chair

Since David did not want to permanently assume the duties of chair, officers were re-elected as follows: Patty was selected as Chair, David as recorder/secretary. Nancy will be the VP. Axel will remain as Treasurer.

 At this point David transferred the Chair of the meeting to Patty and became the official note taker.

Removing board members

It was moved by Nancy and seconded by David to remove Gordon and Ivan as signatories to the account at the bank as they are no longer involved. It was unanimously passed.

Other Issues:


Nancy, in her capacity as Chair of the sectional, reported the regular director is coming again but needed to contact Marcia Boyette to see if she will host him again. Patty said there is a need to notify the Anchorage club and Whitehorse club early enough to allow them to attend. Nancy volunteered to do this, but it was subsequently agreed that Patty would check with Gordon to see if he has already announced it to them. Patty recommended we wait about the catering until spring time when more members will be back to provide their input. Nancy said she will work on it once we determine the number of tables necessary.

Procedure for approval of minutes

It was proposed by Patty that the minutes of the board could be circulated electronically among all board members for their suggestions, corrections and final approval. This is a time saver for the board and will allow the approved minutes to be posted on the web more quickly for the members.

Temporary club manager

Gail is temporarily continuing her service for the club that she was doing while Ivan was out of town. Karen Collier has agreed to line up partners for Tuesday nights. Penny is coordinating partners for Fridays and possibly Wednesdays, temporarily. We need to look long term at how the club is organized and managed. It was agreed to wait until the end of April and then have a general membership meeting to find out what the membership would like to see happen. This would only be an advisory vote, as the decision is actually made by the board.

Another question for the membership is about the Tuesday night games. Should they be earlier or play fewer boards? Would that bring in more players? Recently the Tuesday games have had to be cancelled several times due to a lack of players. When Patty has called, many members have said they do not like to stay up so late on a weekday night. Patty said the Wednesday and Friday games have had enough players and that it is only the Tuesday game that is having a hard time with small turnout. Perhaps now that Karen is coordinating partners this will no longer be a problem.

Directors are coordinating with each other to decide who is directing which game.

Suspension of Wednesday’s game

The board agreed to suspended the game tomorrow in honor of Buzz; Penny was sending out the notice. Bonnie was authorized to spend up to $100 to have a nice arrangement from a local florist sent to the services tomorrow.

 Other Comments

Penny said in an email there was need to designate the special games in March. Patty will check on this.

Bonnie suggested we have the club membership meeting the first week of May instead of April, so more of the snowbirds will be back in town. This was agreeable to all. Bonnie had Patty sign bank papers; Patty agreed to get Axel’s signature and deliver the papers to the bank.

Adjourned                6:30 p.m.