May 29, 2012 Board Meeting

Call to order Time: _6:00____pm call to order
Board Members Present:
Nancy Shirley Daniel, Penny Wakefield, Axel Born, David Williams, Director Gail Ballou, Shirley Liss, Julie Werda & Bonnie Williams, Business manager
Approval of previous board minutes. .
Approved and submitted to website by email
Treasurer’s Report:
Checking $ __2,020.13__ Savings Acc $ _3000.__accounts:$ _5044.42_Total:
Outstanding bills? None at present Tournament has been prepaid.
Club Manager Report: No report

Director’s Report: Suggestion by Shirley Liss to charge extra for the non-members that are not members of ACBL. Discussion followed but decided that it might not build membership and that it might not be good at this time.

Renee Kappen has volunteered to present a lesson on “Negative Doubles” for a free play. Approved by the board.
Penny will send an email to Renee for a time and date.
Sectional Report: Everything arranged

Old Business:
Questions: about Pay for Director’s course – Was Julie reimbursed?? Julie declined any payment

New Business:
Senior Center Contract
: Director Kay Patterson has a new contract to discuss and sign. States our responsibilities etc.
New Keys Issued to: Gail picked up one last week. After discussion about the fee schedule, the decision was to sign the contract and see how it goes. Will be cheaper for us since some games are not big games. New keys to be handed out for the front door only.
Computer problems as presented by Julie: Gail explained that we can fix the problem. She has upgraded the programs on ACBL score and Norton Virus. Discussion on purchase of new computer – Gail will look into since she is buying one for her self. To be bring up later.
List – server at the University. Voted to try again at the U for the list server. Everyone who wants to be on it will email Marcia Boyette if they want to be on the list. Patty Meritt to be the UAF contact. Marcia will manage and keep up to date. Anyone can sign up and or unsubscribe from the list.

Tuesday & Wednesday & Friday directors of games.
Director Problems forth coming for the Wednesday game for the month of July with Julie on vacation from July 12 th and Shirley Liss gone from June 30 to July 20 th. Julie and Penny gone mid July 14 th - 26. Gail will direct for the 18 th and Shirley will do the 25 th and other Wednesday as needed.

Betty Chavez will be leaving Alaska in July. NEGATIVE Betty’s plans have changed and will be here until winter.

All Special Games have been signed up and calendar is listed below:
NAP GAMES have been scheduled for June, July & August

June:    6, 12, 13, 15, 26, 29
July:    10, 11, 18, 20, 24, 27
Aug:      8, 10, 14, 15, 28, 31

These dates don't conflict with:
  WWBC June 1 & 2
  Anchorage regional June 19 - 24
  4th of July week
  July 13 th International Fund game
  Fairbanks Sectional August 2 – 5th
  STaC games: August STaC Aug 20 – 26
December STaC: Dec 03 - 12

Suggestion Box: No suggestions or complaints.
Adjourned at ____6:55__________PM