September 16. 2013 Annual Meeting held at Walden Estates Call to order Time: 1:30pm called to order

Board Members Present: Axel Born, Betty Chavez, Nancy Williams & Penny Wakefield, David Williams.
Members: William Allen, Kenneth Alt, Gail Ballou, Bryan Borjessen, Marcia Boyette, Shirley Daniel, Shirley Liss, Patty Meritt, Mardee & Robert Roth, Judith Strohmaier, Julie Werda, Paulette Wille, Bonnie Williams.
19 out of 42 ACBL members
Treasurer’s Report: Sectional Report: Receipts: $3679.00 Expenses: $4,413.67 Net Loss: ($734.67)
Checking $ _1,749.04 _Savings $ _3007.78_ CD accounts:$ _5047.80_ Total:
Received donation of $400 from the Williams reducing Sectional loss to ($334.67)
A total of 88 tables with 24 Anchorage players
Verbal Thanks to everyone who made the sectional a great success, Many Thanks to Nancy Williams for Tournament Coordinator, to Marcia Boyette for directors housing, to David & Bonnie Williams for healthy snacks and for the auto loan for the director, to Shirley Liss for partnerships, to Marcia Boyette & Judith Strohmaier for ticket sales, to Axel Born for sectional supplies and to everyone who donated door prizes and brought additional sweet treats and found time to play. Anchorage players commented on what a great sectional.­­­­­ 2014 Sectional: July 31 to August 3, 2014
Nominations for BRIDGE BOARD:
Axel did not receive any nominations prior to the meeting date so nominations were taken from the floor. Marcia Boyette and William Allen volunteered to serve for a two year period. Board members nominated must to be a member of ACBL. William Allen joined on the spot. Voting was unanimous.
INSTANT MATCH POINT GAME: When to hold: afternoon, late afternoon or evening. Many afternoon players do not want to play at night but some night players want to play but not in afternoon. Axel Born suggested a 5:00pm time. Final decision to be determined by email or paper ballot. Vote would determine the time to play and who could play. Afternoon players would still play the regular Wednesday afternoon game. Rides would be provided for anyone who did not drive at night. Final vote would be for 5pm or 7pm. Paper Ballets were handed out at Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday games. (Final vote was for Wednesday at 7pm.)
Special game Annoucement: MS Charity on Friday, October 11, and Jane Johnson Club Appreciation games to be held October 15, 16 & 18 and STaC games for mid December

TUESDAY EVENING GAME Cancellation: Axel Born suggested that the game be cancelled from October 1 to April 1 s t. Objections and discussion followed regarding that date being too early. Penny reported that only one game had been cancelled in October and 1 mid December. Cancellation of Tuesday’s game last year was from January to April 1. Suggestions were to consider November 1 or December 1. Other suggestions were to have a reservation system but not sure how that works. Players were identified and it seemed that there would be enough players until at least December 1.

RETURN TO THE SENIOR CENTER: Some of theWednesday players would like to return to the Senior Center since it is under new management. Discussion followed a show of hands for Walden or Senior Center. Member comments followed: Nancy Williams said that the new board members on the Senior Center Board were interested in the Bridge Club returning to the center.

Comments were regarding the table size (card tables too small); hard to get wheel chairs under; the mechanics and ease of playing bridge should be considered; setting the tables up and down is getting old; and a suggestion to hire someone for set-up. Julie Werda commented that she use to go early for lunch at the Senior Center and then set up the Wednesday afternoon game. Other comments: 3 toilet stalls in Senior Center as compared to 1 at Walden, Library room with computer for reading material for ‘sit-out bridge players. Senior Center Parking is more accessible.
Pro’s for Walden Estates: Thermostat could be adjusted by anyone, (too hot for some or too cold);, carpet is nice but getting dirty; a full kitchen available,
Madden Realty company will be leaving Walden Estates and Duffy Realty office will taking over but the office will not be open. Axel suggested that the new board should talk with Walden Estates and Senior Center with our questions & concerns and then tabled any vote but to make a decision before the snow flies.

Moved to adjourn at 2:10pm.
Submitted by:    Dannetta Wakefield