October 16, Board Meeting at Walden Estates

Call to order Time: _____4:30___pm call to order

Board Members Present: Marcia Boyette, David Williams, Betty Chavez, Penny Wakefield & William Allen. Members: Gail Ballou, Patty Meritt and Judith Strohmaier
Approval of previous board minutes.
.No minutes were read.
Treasurer’s Report:
Checking $ _1,749.04 _Savings Accs $ _3007.78_ CD accounts:$ _5047.80_ Total:
Club Manager Report:
Since Betty is not treasurer anymore, signature cards needed to be signed. Two names required for the check book. A date was set for meeting at the bank with Marcia Boyette and William Allen
Education: Easybridge classes on Saturday & Monday with 4 players and 12 for Monday.
Sectional Report:
Betty reported that she hadreceived conformation for the 2014 Sectional and was going to sign up for 2014 special games. She reported that she had updated the ACBL information. Penny had updated the District 19 website except for the 2014 Sectional flyer.
oard meeting agenda:
  1.Walden Estates request for game movement from Fri. eve to Thurs. eve. Is not an issue anymore. The HOA board decided that they could meet in the office instead of at the conference table.
  2. Penny/Betty visit with senior center: Penny and Betty did visit the senior center with Executive Director Darlene Supplee regarding the questions we had regarding the return to the Senior Center. Both Betty and Penny prepared statements regarding the visits to the Senior Center and Raven Landing comparing cost, location, tables, parking, floors, storage, access, chairs, etc. Both presentations were made and determined by the visiting CLUB members that both presentations were biased toward their opinions. Discussion followed and the decision was to put the presentations together into one document to present to the members and have a vote. Final document will approved at the next informal meeting by the board to be held Wednesday, October 23. 2013

  3. Bridge Club PO Box: Discussion regarding what comes to the box, history of why the box is downtown, who has a key and collects the mail. Gail Ballou described what comes to the box and the history of why it is downtown.
Decision was that we keep the box since that address would not change if the Manager or officers did change.
  4. Club sanction completedBetty Chavez has received notification that the 2014 Sectional has been sanctioned.
  5. Tournament Director for 2014.  Betty Chavez stated that she signed her name as tournament chair. The Elks has been reserved for those dates and the Treasurer was notified to make a deposit to secure the date.
  6. Additional special events: Applications for special events will done as soon as ACBL has them up on the website
Agenda item added. TAX INFORMATION: Gail Ballou presented information that Farthest North Bridge Club had lost the non-profit status due to not filing the e-postcard. Questions as to why that information did not come to the PO Box? Apparently the box number was not on the original application info and therefore ‘fell through the cracks’. A fee of $400 would be needed to re-apply or to fill out a number of forms (1024) or make an application for re-instatement of ourtax-exempt status. Gail agreed to assist in this matter.

Adjourned at _______5:35_______PM

Submitted by:       

Dannetta Wakefield, Secretary