Farthest North Bridge Club

Minutes from 7/11/14 board meeting at Senior Center

Submitted by President, Marcia Boyette


Attending: Bill Allen, Shirley Liss, Marcia Boyette, Betty Chavez, David Williams, with Penny Wakefield showing up late.


Betty is chairman of the bridge sectional happening July 31 to Aug 3, 2014 at the Elks Lodge. Rodger Putnam will be staying with Marcia Boyette. The Williams will provide a car for Rodger to use while he is here.


Rodger will arrive on Wed, July 30 and leave on Monday, Aug 4.

Betty has a sign up list asking for people to bring food to the bridge tournament.

The Williams will also provide food. Penny is looking into catering options for the Sunday event. Still need a chairman for the 50/50 raffle.


According to an email dated June 30, an ACBL reimbursement check for $161.48 was sent to our club in January. We have no record this check was deposited in our bank. Betty will follow up with ACBL and get more information to see if it was ever cashed.


The Senior Center wants $60 month to provide coffee during the 12 days we play bridge there. The board decided there were not enough bridge members to justify this expense. Therefore, anyone that wants coffee on Tuesday or Friday should bring their own to the Senior Center because the bridge club will not provide coffee in the future. Individual cups of coffee can be purchased from the Senior Center on Wednesdays during bridge.


The Sectional will be at the Elks club not at the Senior Center. The July ACBL Bridge Bulletin magazine advertised it being held at the Senior Center. It is listed correctly at the Elks on the ACBL computer web site. Marcia will contact the Senior Center so they are aware of the correct location in case someone contacts them. A sign and map will also be displayed at the Senior Center in case people come to the wrong location for the sectional.


We discussed dates for next year’s Sectional. It would be nice to hold it in the fall instead of August, but there are so many conflicts. Therefore it was decided to hold it during the same time frame next year. Dates selected were July 30-Aug 2, 2015, at the Elks Lodge.


There will be no bridge on Wednesday 7/30 because the bridge supplies will be removed Tuesday, 7/29 from the Senior Center to bring them to the Elks Lodge for the Sectional. Marcia will contact Darlene Supplee, Executive Director of the Senior Center to discuss getting credit for the 3 dates we will not have bridge at the Senior Center (7/4, 7/30, 8/1).


We need to hold an annual bridge meeting in Sept to elect 3 bridge board positions. The following officers need to be assigned by the board members once the 3 positions are elected; Board Director, Vice President & Secretary. No date was set for this meeting.

Submitted by Marcia Boyette