UNIT 426  CLUB # 146600
­ Nov 14 2014 BOARD Meeting date

Call to order Time:  _ 6:05pm call to order
Board Members Present:  Marcia Boyette, Peggy Raybeck & Penny Wakefield, Karen Lougheed
Absent:David Williams
Members present:Shirley Liss,Gail Ballou
Treasurer’s Report: 
Checking  $  4,308.41                 Money Market $ 1,508.40       CD account:$5050.74 Total: $10,867.55
Outstanding bills? Peggy is still watching for balance paid check to clear from August sectionals (Elks) 

President’s Report:

Sectional Report by: Tournament director Marcia Boyette signed the contract. $300 was paid to Elks to reserve for 2015 sectional July 30 to August 2, 2015.

 Vice President Report: no report

Club Manager Report: The Club has been sanctioned for the next year for our three games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Three special games for 2015 have been signed up for in Friday & Saturday, June 5 & 6, 2015 and one Wednesday evening game on July 15 th. Plenty of time to advertize for this game that it will be in the evening and not during the day.

Secretary report:

Director’s Report: Shirley Liss suggested we sign up for instant match point games in the fall (Oct. 16) Friday morning. Discussion about whether the games had to be played in the morning to align with other clubs was questioned. Shirley and Penny will look into this. Shirley also suggested May and August STaC games, Penny will look into this as well.

Tuesday & Wednesday & Friday directors of games :  Tuesday evenings: Gail Ballou; Wednesday afternoons: Julie Werda or Penny Wakefield; Friday evenings: Shirley Liss. Penny will be gone for Wednesday games Dec. 10 and 17, Jan, 7 and 14, Betty Chavez and/or Shirley Liss will be asked to step in as director for those games.

Education report: Fall class is just finishing up and a new Spring class will begin on Saturday, January 24 and Monday January 26, 2015

Old Business: Mailbox is paid through April, club will reevaluate necessity at that time. Purchasing a new computer was discussed again, Gail has priced them ($400-600) and will proceed with a purchase.

New Business: The Tuesday games will continue through December and beyond if attendance doesn’t decline. Since the rent for the Senior Center is paid in advance, there is the need to tell them which days we will not be using the Senior Center before we pay the rent.

Proposals: Marcia will verbally give Bill Allen a reminder to continue to make payments on his debt to the club, 3 yea votes. Penny proposed we pay $1 per board to whoever is setting up STaC boards, 4 yea votes.

Special Games have been signed up via email and calendar is listed below 2014 & 2015:
2014 Quarterly Club Championships have been played for the final quarter of the year..
2014 December -  No special games except there are some STaC games in December 8 – 14. 2014 to be discussed
2015 April: Club Charity Championship games, half of the games to for ACBL & to a local charity.
2015 Friday, June 5 & Saturday June 6 th: Worldwide Bridge Contest
2015 Wednesday evening July15 ACBL International Fund game #2
2015 Thursday, July 30 – Sunday, August 2, FARTHEST NORTH BRIDGE CLUB SECTIONAL
2015 October -  Jane Johnson Club Appreciation for 2015:  October dates to be announced in 2015

2015 February 25 – March 1 Anchorage Bridge Center Sectional
2015 Apirl 24 – 26 Haines Sectional
2015 May 12 to 17: Anchorage Bridge Center Regional
2015 September 23 – 27, Anchorage Bridge Center Sectional

Suggestion Box:

Adjourned at 6:55PM