November 18, 2015 Call to order Time: 12:15pm

Board Members Present: Marcia Boyette, Penny Wakefield, Betty Borjesson, Barbara


Members present: Gail Ballou, Sirley Liss, Brian Borjesson

President’s Report by Marcia Boyette:

Betty already contacted the city for the city business license - they are going to send her

the information for the renewal in Jan, 2016.

We do have a state business license. Gail is the keeper of this information. We have no

tax exempt status for the IRS because we are not a non-profit organization.

Club Manager’s Report by Penny Wakefield:

Senior Center Director said we wouldn’t have to pay for Tuesday nights in Nov, Dec & Jan that were not played (saving $35 night).

Robert Fox offered to phone people to see if they would play bridge. Penny will give Robert and all the board members the emails of all the bridge players.

Betty offered to receive emails if people plan to play on Tuesday. If they respond by 5pm on Monday she can send an email telling people if there is or if there is not a bridge game on Tuesday night.

Education report by Penny Wakefield:

Penny’s classes are Sat 3:30pm and Mondays at 5:30pm.

The bridge web site will be moved but not sure where (Maybe Alaskconnect). Penny is working with John Johnson on this.

Sectional Report :

Karen Lougheed, Penny & Betty have a list of what happens and when it happens for the sectional. Marcia volunteered to chair the sectional if help from everyone. Shirley Liss offered to chair the partnerships. Sectional to be held at the Elks Club. District 19 info for our club is still incorrect per Penny. She is trying to correct it.

Treasurer’s Report by Betty Borjesson:

Checking $ 2871.53 Savings Acct $ 1653.87 CD account $ 5053.27    Total: $ 9578.67

No info from Shirley on Friday bridge deposits. Betty will check with her. Betty also will check when CD at the bank will renew.

New Business: none

Next Board Meeting date/time: May 11, 2016 after bridge


Submitted by: Penny Wakefield