UNIT 426  CLUB # 146600
__August 17 th, 2016____ BOARD Meeting date

Call to order Time:  __5:05_____pm call to order
Board Members Present:  Marcia Boyette, Penny Wakefield, Betty Borjesson, Shirley Daniel, Barbara Rothrock,
Absent: Shirley Daniel
Members present: Patty Merritt
Treasurer’s Report: 
Checking  $    3217.28 -2440.38 = $776.90  Savings Acct $ 2935.24   CD account:$ 5055.17      Total: $_8767.31____
Outstanding bills?  2440.38
Sectional loss is the same as last year. (-749.26)
Treasurer Betty Borjesson reported that it was hard to keep track of the accounting and the deposits due to the fact that each director had a different method of reporting and timeline in depositing. She realizes that not every director can not scan their deposit slip, attendance etc. Many times deposits were combined in one large deposit without knowing which days were being deposited. Not sure of a better way to handle.
Question about the Sectional deposits: The bank in past had charged a fee for large cash deposits over so much, the solution was to make a deposit to the savings account and then transfer money when needed to the checking account which Betty said she transferred $2000 to cover sectional expenses.
REPORTS: President’s Report:
Sectional Report: Next years sectional has been announced and submitted for a sanction for August 3 – 6, 2017 and requested for the dates at the Elks again. Felt that the sectional went well. Many Thank you’s go to the following volunteers: Shirley Liss for partnerships, Bonnie and David Williams for snacks, Paulette Wille for drawings, Marion Woods and Marcia Boyette for the 50/50 sales, Mirjam Koko, for hosting the Welcome table, Betty Borjesson for handling the financials, Ken Alt for providing transportation and Marcia for hosting the Director.
Question about who won the most Masterpoints for the sectional so the Award plaque could be engraved for the trophy. Need to find out and get an engraved plaque for the trophy. Penny will check on for the next meeting and follow-up for attaching to the plaque to the trophy

Club Manager Report by Penny Wakefield: Stated that the Sectional was a success for the size of our club and that everyone seemed to be happy. Thanks to Shirley Liss for putting the partnerships together and many times playing with players from Anchorage. Plans are being made for another next year for August 3 to 6 th with Roger Putnam as director and he is available. Announced at the Sectional so players could make reservations for next year.

Special games were not signed up except for the World Wide Bridge Contest in June because of not knowing many players would be available for the game. Stac games are $11.00 per table so did not sign up for STaC games for they usually require 5 tables. We were lucky to get enough tables for the World Wide Bridge Contest in June.

Secretary report: Minutes for the last meetings, November, 2015 and even the informal online meeting are on the web. Apology for being late for putting the meeting minutes on the web late.
Director’s Report:
Tuesday & Wednesday & Friday directors of games:  Tuesday evenings: Gail Ballou; Wednesday afternoons: Julie Werda or Penny Wakefield; Friday evenings: Shirley Liss.
Winter play will again have to be on a notification email basis with the result sent out late Monday evening.
Education report: A new class begins on September 10 th and 12 th. Two new members have joined ACBL, students from previous EASYBRIDGE classes.
New Business:
1. Date for the Annual Meeting: Date was set for Friday, September 23 rd at 5pm with meeting and election of officers at 5:30pm
2. Nominations for three board positions: Betty will be leaving at the end of August, she was serving one year as the treasurer. Penny will run again for a two year position. Nominations to be taken for two positions. Seeking volunteers.
3. Change of addresses from Betty’s address to the Senior Center. Business Lic, Corp lic with State, Bank address. Any others????
4. Signature cards for bank account & Debit card. Barbara Rothrock and Penny Wakefield will meet next week to sign on the checking
5. Change of Venue: Patty Meritt suggested that we might look for another venue for the sectional due to the noise from downstairs on Friday and Saturday night. Discussion followed. Decision was to check out other venues for a possible change. Penny said she would check other venues and present at annual meeting.

Special Games & Club Championships have been signed up via email and calendar is listed below 2016:
September 20, 21 and 23 for 3rd Quarterly Club Championship
October 4, 5, & 7 (Tues.Wed.Fri.) Jane Johnson Club Appreciation:

October 25, 26, & 28 (Tues.Wed.Fri.) 4th Quarterly Club Championship Games:

Tuesday, November 22 ACBL-wide Charity Game:
Suggestion Box:
Adjourned at ___6:30_PM
Submitted by Penny Wakefield