Wednesday August 29, 2018

Meeting was called to order by the president, Barbara Rothrock, at 5:30 pm at the Senior Center with attendees: Penny Wakefield, Ken Alt, Marion Woods, Heidi Morton, Nancy Winford, Nancy Gibson, Dennis Perry, Rose Cope, Susan Lindholm, Paulette Will e, Mardee Roth and Pat Costello.

Reading of minutes from the September 2017 annual meeting was waived.

A question was asked about cancelled games. Penny said that in January, February, March and April we paid the $35 fee only for the Wednesday and Friday games as the Tuesday games were cancelled due to low attendance. Contract with the Senior Center was restructured in May to include Tuesday.

Treasurer’s Report

Penny Wakefield submitted the attached End of Year Financial Statements for the past 3 years. Income for 2018 was
$7,637.29. Club expenses included $ 5,750.40 plus sectional expenses of $2,550.09 for a total of $8,300.49 which is a loss of $ 663.20 for the year. As of the end of August 2018, a total of $ 8,323.35 is in the checking and savings accounts. The CD was transferred to the savings account at Wells Fargo in May when it came due.

Dennis Perry noted the amount of funds in the bank accounts. Nancy Winford commented that the club breaks even on expenses and it is nice to have a cash reserve. Paulette Wille added that being a nonprofit didn’t mean a zero balance is necessary for the club. Extra cash is good for contingencies in case we lose use of the inexpensive Senior Center for our games.

A new account has been opened at Mt. McKinley with three signees designated and will transfer the existing bank funds from Wells Fargo to Mt. McKinley after the 1 st of the month and after all bills are paid.


Club Manager’s Report

Penny reported that ACBl membership renewal money comes to the club each year from ACBL, which amounts to a return of $3 to $5 for every membership renewal it receives and a free play given for each year of renewal. Some members commented they hadn’t received their free play. Penny will order a new roster to check into it.

Penny asked if there were any complaints about management of the club. Attending members felt Penny was doing a good job and expressed their appreciation.

Sectional Summary

Penny felt everyone was OK with the Elks during this year’s Sectional. There were no complaints about heat in the room or the lunch. The snack expense was reduced, but we did have to buy ice. The 2019 Sectional will take place August 1-4, 2019 at the Elks and was approved by the attending Anchorage players.

Additional Agenda Items

Penny provided an updated roster of club members. Going back to the 1998 roster, she commented that 23 members had passed away, including the recent loss of Virgie King and Susan Thorgaard.

Penny reminded members that she put all the club budget and activities on a CD which she has given to Barbara so the club can carry on if something happens to her.

 The Osher Adult Learning Programs bridge class will start Friday, September 14 and will go for 8 weeks. Penny will teach the class to help hopefully grow more bridge players.

Election of Directors

Candidates running for the two open director positions were Penny Wakefield and Marion Woods. A total of 1 7 ballots were received and counted. The vote was unanimous for Penny Wakefield and Marion Woods.

There were no other discussions and the meeting adjourned at 5:57 pm. 7 members stayed to play a few hands of bridge.

Submitted by Pat Costello