Friday July 27, 2018


Meeting came to order 6:05 pm at the Senior Center with attendees: Penny Wakefield, Barbara Rothrock, Peggy Raybeck, Marion Woods, Mirjam Koko and Pat Costello.


Treasurer’s Report

Total of $9,132.60 is in the Wells Fargo account: $2,136.01 in checking and $6996.59 in savings.


Penny looked into Mt. McKinley Bank as the new bank to transfer over the Wells Fargo account at the end of August once checks are paid out to ACBL. Penny brought the paperwork to set up the Mt. McKinley account which requires three member signatures. Designated signers were selected and include Penny Wakefield, Barbara Rothrock and Peggy Raybeck. They will need to bring two IDs when they open the Mt McKinley account which can include a driver’s license and a credit card. The city business license has expired and will need to be renewed. The state license is up to date. Penny will pay for the city license.


Sectional Plans for August 2-5, 2018:

Contract has been signed to hold the Sectional at the Elks Club. Cost is $800 for 4 days plus $200 additional for cleanup for a total of $1,000 for the event. We will supply our own food including coffee, ice each day for sodas and drinks, and snacks that members will bring to the games. There were no complaints last year for the Sunday lunch of “make your own croissant sandwiches” so Penny suggested doing the same this time.


Sectional Duties:

Penny has all the director supplies and the tablecloths.

Penny will print labels for name tags.

Barbara and Ken will bring ice chests and Ken will bring the ice.

Marcia Boyette and Mirjam will serve as daily hostesses and will be there at noon to set up.

Marion will do the 50/50 drawings. She thinks one 50/50 drawing per day is sufficient in order not to burn out the participants.

Mary Boyd has offered 2 score keeping books for door prizes. Penny will send a thank you letter to her.

Mirjam can help with cleanup on Sunday.

Penny will check with Susan and Curtis to see if they can help.

Barbara is hosting the director and providing him with a car.

Donation table usually takes care of itself but might need rearranging.


New Business

Annual meeting is coming up in September for the election of board directors.
Wednesday bridge game has the most attendees and therefore would be the best time to have the annual meeting.


The Osher bridge class will start Friday, September 14 and will go for 8 weeks.

Special Games have been signed up for October 25th Instant Match Point Game.


There were no other discussions and the meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.

Submitted by Pat Costello