Farthest North Bridge Club
Unit 426 Board of Directors’ Meeting
Minutes for August 14, 09

Called to order by President Shirley at 5:30 pm at the Sr. Center

Approval of minutes from June meeting – Betty took minutes - approved

Approval of minutes from May meeting – Patty - approved

Treasurer’s report

Old Business

By-laws as amended

Gordon and Shirley both had additional changes. Gordon will send a summary of the changes so we can update the members prior to the annual meeting. The board will discuss this over email. Do we want another round of input to this set?


Meeting with DOL and Jeff Johnson – Patty’s report

Patty will send a letter to DOL, thanking them and summarizing our understanding.



Betty, treasurer’s report: We lost approximately $200, but some of the expenses included some supplies for weekly games that were not pro-rated. So it was actually a bit less than $200. 99 tables this year. 2007= 101 tables; 2008 =91 tables. The Elks club was twice as expensive as we anticipated. It cost us $1200 instead of $600. Consequently, the cost of play went up to $9 per game. The new board needs to fill in the sanction right away, including the tournament chair and location. Probably a board member needs to be named as the chair initially.


Report on how it went: Shirley had very positive feedback from Anchorage. They greatly appreciated the sectional and thought it was very well managed.


Recommendations for next year

Vendors – Renee would like to sell her handiwork and maybe others too. Good idea. We could ask them for a door prize donation or charge them $25 a table. We could also put together a silent auction table.

Betty recommends the board get any agreements in writing with the Elks. Needs to have dates determined.

50/50 made the club $400+ The sales should be regulated to be the same at all sessions.


Did Julie get her free play from May. Maybe not. We will take care of this.


New Business

Annual Meeting – and it’s agenda

Start time etc – it’s at Senior Center Sunday Sept 20. Depends on North American games. It will be two sessions, from 11:00 – 7:00, 2 sessions, AM session 11-2, a meeting with a potluck at 2 PM, then PM session beginning about 3-6 PM

Sending out notices – new by-laws received by September 10. Since we’re operation under old, must be by mail or personal delivery to all eligible voters.


Agenda for the meeting will be:

Suggestions: Fix Late Plays & late arrivals    

Shirley commented that is hard to always announce the last board; the program makes a sound when there are just 2 minutes left. We will try to utilize this feature.


Suggestion: “Club” web-site and “club” e-mail – where, how much, who has access?

Penny is willing to give access to the board. This Board does not want to take this on. Perhaps the directors would do it. Gordon does not think the directors want. Gordon says software can update this. If we want that it might be helpful. It is $9 a year, for 10 years. It began in November 2006. The Board is very appreciative of Penny’s volunteer time for this.


Suggestion: Have Easy Bridge include learning how to score the game. Penny says they are still learning. David stated we can help them. We are glad to have them.


Suggestion: Board minutes posted on the web in a more timely manner. We will work to have them done monthly


Suggestion: Monthly free plays – “A,B,C,D” awards and number folks in each division – some folks want to change the break points. The club has an unusual stratification and it is not that easy to make a change in this.


Renee’s concern about letting conflict happen at the bridge table was addressed. Call the director is the message.


MS Bridge Charity Game – we’ve done this the past 2 years. It was agreed that it will be Tuesday October 6 and the Jane Johnson game will be moved to October 13 th.


Question from Penny about “STAC” (sectional tournament at clubs) games. We should be invited to 2 a

year. We can run games for master points. We may need to find out about this. Gordon will find out more.


Set date for new meeting??? – do we need another meeting before the annual meeting?? We hope we will not need to meet. We will hold the September 4 th day as a possibility, hoping we do not need it.


David will be out of town until 9/21.


Gail likes replacing the cards so they are clean. She is willing to contribute to the clean cards. “Thank you. Keep up the good work.”


Do we care if the pencils are squared off? “No, we don’t”


Penny asked if we wanted her to continue teaching easy bridge. Yes! Thank you so much!


Adjourned 6:45 pm