JULY 19, BOARD Meeting regarding the upcoming Sectional
Call to order Time: _____6:00___pm call to order
Board Members Present: Axel Born, D. Williams, Nancy Williams & Penny Wakefield, Betty Chavez
Others: Gail Ballou, Shirley Liss, Judith Strohmaier, Mirjam Koko, Pat Dubbs, Brian Borjesson
Approval of previous board minutes. .Copies of the minutes were past around and read.
Treasurer’s Report:
Checking: __$2410.33____Savings Accts: ___$3007.53___ CD accounts: ___$5047.16___Total: _$10,465.02__
Outstanding bills: none Elks Club has been prepaid for the sectional.
REPORTS: Club Manager Report: No report
Director’s Report: No report
Education: No report
Old Business: No Old Business was discussed.
SECTIONAL COMMITTEE DISCUSSION regarding what was to be done for the upcoming sectional.
Sectional Supplies: Discussion was regarding getting supplies etc to the Elks club. Axel will pick up all supplies at
Walden Estates on Wed July 31 and take to the Elks Club. To play on Wed. July 31 will be determined on July 24.
Penny to bring the extra box of bidding boxes and look for the name tags and print out names for everyone.
Gail Ballou ordered the necessary supplies for the sectional and has them at her office. She will bring to Walden or take
to the Elks Club. Bonnie and David will again provide healthy snacks for the tournament.
Sunday Swiss Lunch: Nancy Williams still has to check with the Elks Club regarding the food for the Swiss Teams.
Sectional fee was discussed and decided to keep at $10.00 per session.
50/50 tickets are to be sold in house. Discussion followed regarding having a raffle permit.
Door Prizes: Shirley Liss suggested that we do a ‘52 card tear up’ for selecting prize winners.
Housing and Transport for the director: Penny to call Marcia to see if she will continue to house Roger. David
Williams has an extra auto for use the Director (A 1985 Chrysler Turbo LaBaron).
New Business: SECTIONAL change of dates of 2014. Shirley Liss had mentioned at the informal meeting that
Anchorage players would like to know when the next sectional would be so reservations could be made.
Nancy would like to move the sectional to July 24 – 27, 2014, one week earlier rather than the usual dates we have done
in the past. (In 2014 the first week would be Thurs. July 31 to Sunday, August 3 or a week later on August 7 to 10, 2014.)
Discussion: A week earlier would not interfere with the fair, although it would be in the middle of the Summer Arts Festival.
Concern was expressed regarding the teachers for the Anchorage school district teachers return to work. Anchorage
Teachers return to work August 15, 2013 & August 14, 2014; Fairbanks teachers return Aug. 14, 2013 & Aug. 13, 2014.
Since this is a change in the sectional date from the usual first week of August, a suggestion that the rest of the
members of the Farthest North Bridge Club should have a vote in the decision to change. Axel suggested that an email
vote should be sent and everyone would need to vote by Friday evening, July 26. Verbal announcements will be made at
the bridge games over the next week. Penny is to check with Marcia regarding housing for 2014.
PARTNERSHIPS: Shirley Liss has volunteered for partnerships
HOUSING: Betty Chavez volunteered to refer players who needed housing.
OTHER BUSINESS: ANNUAL MEETING: Discussion and decision was to schedule the meeting for Sunday, September
14th at Walden Estates. Suggested having a potluck and let members vote on holding two sessions or one session. A
two game session would allow for Gold Points. Betty will check to see if the Club House is available that Sunday.
COLLECTION OF BRIDGE FEES: Treasurer Betty Chavez brought up her concern for the collection of bridge fees, who
should collect, where should they go and who should deposit. Discussion followed and decision was for Betty to come up
with a form and instructions as to who collects and who should receive them when she is absent.
COMMENTS from other players present: Several mentioned an agenda item for the annual meeting would be: A return to
the Senior Center requested by several members, especially concern for those in wheelchairs

Adjourned at 6:50pm Submitted by: Dannetta Wakefield
Possible dates for 2014: ____Thurs. July 24 to July 27, 2014____Thurs. July 31 to August 3, 2014____Thurs. August 7 to August 10, 2014