Shirley’s Notes from January 13 Board Meeting

(Secretary Patty Meritt was out of town)

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The meeting was held at 5:30PM at Denny’s. Attending were Shirley Liss, Gordon Bower, Betty Chavez, and Ivan Grondin. Dave Williams and Patty Meritt were out of town. 3 board members are enough for a quorum to conduct business

Review of minutes --- approved


Financial report --- Betty Chavez reported we have $5892.36 in the bank and $5551.81 in a CD, and $520.63 remains of the $1000 allocated to the Easy Bridge Progarm 3 years ago.

Incorporation --- Gail has filed incorporation papers for the Unit and the Unit has now been incorporated since Nov 28, 2008. As unit president, Shirley Liss is the first “principle officer”. Yet to do is obtain an Alaskan Business License ($100/yr) and a City of Fairbanks Business License ($25/yr). The board approved allocating the funds for Gail to take care of these items. Now that we are incorporated we need a new Employer Identification Number, EIN, for the IRS. Gail is also going to take care of this item. Once the new EIN is know, we either need to open a new bank account in the corportation’s name – Shirley or Betty will take care of this.


New Cold Weather Policy --- Due to the confusion of the last cold spell, the board approved the following changes. Games will NOT be cancelled because of cold. Ivan will make calls starting at 1PM and if he gets 10 people who say they are coming, the game will be held. If he can’t get 10 people to commit to come by 4PM, there will be no game. Also, there will no free plays because of cold weather. This is ALASKA and -20 is NOT cold.

Sectional - need Chair Person Immediately --- We need a general chairperson for the August sectional. Shirley put a request for volunteers on the list server and has mentioned it at the club games without results. If no one volunteers by the end of January, that job will be assigned to Dave Williams since he is the only board member without a designated job. Pam Woodward said she was willing to provide her information from last year.


Grand National Teams Event --- Set for January 31 – Gordon in charge. The club has reserved the senior center for that Saturday and the event will start at noon. This is an afternoon of 4 person team games. Gordon will be putting out more information or contact him at 452-8244, 474-2797, oe

Membership Drive --- Month of February. Our club will conduct a membership drive for the month. New bridge players can play free for the month. Any club member bringing a new player AND playing with them can play free the first time that player comes. Shirley will provide a list of known bridge players in the area and pass lists out to club members so as to have them call and invite perspective players. Also, there will be an ad in the “Free” section of the News Miner inviting players to come.


Senior Center wants our storage place --- Betty got a call from the senior center telling us to remove ALL our things from the room in which they are currently stored. (as of today – Jan 23 it seems we can keep the large white cabinet and the computer table in the computer room but everything else has to go. )


Easy Bridge --- Penny is starting classes Monday January 26 and Saturday January 31. Ads are in the News Miner.


Other--- the list server --- Gordon informed me that the messages I’d sent informing folks of the evenings games during the cold spell were not received by ANYBODY until 5AM the next morning. It seems that everyone, except Mike, Gordon, and Shirley, opted for the digest form the messages and get them at 5AM the day after they have been sent. That makes the listserver useless to pass quick information.


Other --- next meeting --- Gordon is going to be out of town Feb 13 to 24. So next board meeting is tentatively set for Feb 6 at 5:30 at the senior center.


Adjourn at 6:30

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