JANUARY 25, 2013 Executive Session Board Meeting

Call to order Time: 5:45pmpm call to order

Board Members Present: President Axel Born, Secretary Penny Wakefield, Treasurer Betty Chavez. Absent was David Williams, Nancy Williams.

Approval of previous board minutes. . No minutes were read.

Treasurer’s Report:
Checking $ _ 1148.32_ Savings Acc $ _ 3007.20 CD accounts:$ _ 5045.27_Total:
$_ 9200.79_
Outstanding bills? A check written for the replacement of the computer cord in the amount of $69
Betty reported that she had not received a bill for January rent so did not know about Tuesday’s rent.
Club Manager Report: No report

Director’s Report: no reports
Education: no report
Sectional Report: no report

Old Business:

New Business: DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES for the NEW YEAR as to Director’s & Manager’s regarding the monthly reporting, club issues on games, masterpoint’s, STaC games, special games and spreading the responsibilities of the club operation to more than one or two individuals.
A Suggestion was that all directors, especially the new directors, the manager, treasurer or interested member learn the process needed for the end of the month reports.
Discussion followed with a possible solution:
The director of the last game of the month would prepare the end of the month report with a new director, the club manager or treasurer so that everyone using the computer would know how to add their game information to the data base (after corrections) and learn the process for completing the ACBL reports.
Discussion followed and the decision was that January’s report would be completed with Shirley’s help, so Penny and Betty would complete the process. Each month the director of the last game would work with a new director or club manager or interested member.

Tuesday night game: Discussion was that it has not been well attended and the Director has been there but players were absent. This ties up the Director’s Tuesday evenings. Calling around for players was a possibility or having them email the Director. Decision at the time was to ask Judith to call around for Tuesday.
On January 31 st The FINAL DECISION was by email vote to cancel Tuesdays game until the end of March when more players would be back in town. (Axel, Betty, Penny & David responded via email.)
Too many players on vacation or away.

Email Notification of the resignation of the Club Manager was received and Betty Chavez, Treasurer has volunteered to act as Club Manager. Forms will be signed to transfer the position.

Wednesday & Friday directors: Penny Wakefield on Wednesday’s & Shirley Liss will Direct on Fridays.
Special Games for the year will be the ones that are scheduled for our standard sanctioned days except for the World Wide Game Friday and Saturday in June 2013
NAP GAMES have not been scheduled or a coordinator appointed.

Suggestion Box:
Adjourned at ______6:45________PM
Information received after the meeting regarding rent for January. Walden Estates will not charge for the Tuesday night game cancellations for January.
Submitted by Penny Wakefield, Secretary.

Financial report:



Game Fees $420.00
ACBL Unit Reimbursement: $139.26
Total Income $559.26


Rent $420.00
City Lic/Fairbanks $25.00
Computer Cord $69.00
Total Expenses $514.00

NET INCOME: $45.26


MONEY MARKET: $3007.20