UNIT 426 CLUB # 146600
July 17, 2015 BOARD Meeting

Call to order Time: 5:45
Board Members Present:  Marcia Boyette, Peggy Raybeck & Penny Wakefield, Karen Lougheed
Absent: David Williams
Members present:Gail Ballou, Shirley Liss


Presidents Report:NTR


Vice President Report:NTR


Club Manager Report:Penny questioned whether the club should purchase insurance, specifically for the upcoming sectional but also for general purposes. The clubs liability vs. the facility's coverage was discussed. Penny will look into the cost. Penny has sent a sectional flyer email to district 19, and submitted the information for the 'What's Happening' section of the local paper, as well as posting it on our website and notifying our members by email, unfortunately 12 of our members will be out of town. The fees for the North American Pairs, STaC,and World Wide Bridge Games cost considerably more than the fees we pay for regular ACBL games, this is to benefit our members by giving them an opportunity to earn more Masterpoints.

Treasurers Report:Peggy wonders if checking balance will cover upcoming costs of hosting the sectional, two more weeks of deposits should more than cover costs. A deposit of $3,000 or more into the clubs account in one month will generate fee by the bank. A deposit of part of the sectional fees collected will be made Friday July 31st to try and avoid the charge. A mysterious$70 deposit has been made to the savings account, Peggy will investigate.

Balances as of July 15,2015:

Checking $3,309.23. Savings $1,653.70. CD $5,052.42. Total:$10,015.35


Secretary Report: Karen will have player memo forms available for the Sectional tournament, in case of any disputes.


Directors Report: Gail mentioned that a gaming permit is required if we plan to run a 50/50 game at the sectional, Marcia will ask Bonnie Williams she knows of a permit we can operate under legally.


Tuesday & Wednesday & Friday directors of games: Tuesday evenings: Gail Ballou; Wednesday afternoons: Julie Werda or Penny Wakefield; Friday evenings: Shirley Liss.


Education Report:Penny suggests considering a 0-99 game to be added in winter so that the newer players from the Easy bridge class can start playing in a less competitive environment.


Old Business: Sectional: Marcia will connect with the director to arrange pick up from the airport, she has offered use of her car and is hosting the director in her home. Marcia, Karen, Penny will meet at the senior center Wednesday July 29 at 2:00 to move supplies to the Sectional location and set up. Penny will create name tags. Karen will run the 50/50 if allowed. Gail has ordered anticipated supplies. Shirley is coordinating partnerships and enthusiastically recruiting players. Penny has arranged with the Fudge Pot for lunch on Sunday, players can order their lunch for a $5 fee- the club will pay $5 for each lunch ($10 total). The facility will provide coffee, club members will provide snacks (sign up sheets floating around games prior). Door prizes should be brought to the facility the first day of play.

New Business: ACBL board member voting for district will be done independently online by board members, Marcia will respond with this info.



Shirley mentioned that new board nominations need to be received 30 days prior to a vote, clubs annual general board meeting in September. Peggy and Marcia's terms will be ending.

Next board meeting scheduled for August 14 at 5:45pm

Annual general membership meeting and potluck September 25 5:30


Special Games:

2015 July 30 to August 2 Farthest North Bridge Club Sectional

Open pairs 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm single sessions

Silver master points Sunday August 2 Swiss teams 10:00 am

2015 Aug 11,12,14 (T/W/F) North American Pairs

2015 Aug 18,19,21 (T/W/F) STaC games

2015 Aug 25,26,28 (T/W/F) North American Pairs

2015 Sept 15,16,18 (T/W/F) 3rd quarterly Club Championship games

2015 October Jane Johnson club appreciation dates tba

Bridge games elsewhere in Alaska

2015 September 23-27, Anchorage bridge center sectional
Suggestion Box:

Adjourned at:6:50