Farthest North Bridge, ACBL Unit 426, Board Meeting

Minutes of 3/16/2010 – approved as corrected (corrections are underlined)

Attending:  Gordon, Mike, David and Patty.   Nancy was not available by phone and no club members attended.

Treasurer’s report for February was approved.  Income was $865.48 and expenses were $768.64 for a net income of $96.84 

Minutes of the February 2010 meeting were corrected under “Sectional” to read “Gordon sent the  information event schedule..”   Mike moved they be adopted as corrected.  David seconded.  They were approved unanimously.

Manager’s Report:  As acting manager, Mike reported the E post card has been filed; no tax reports are due yet, but he will file the 1096 before the 3/31 deadline.  He will also purchase another container of coffee for the club.

As manager, Mike signed us up for the Western Conference STAC (sectional tournament at clubs) for May, which will give members the opportunity to earn extra silver points. Mike and Gordon will find someone to set up the hands to match the required arrangements.

It was agreed that the manager will decide on our participation in club level events and inform the board/club.  The board is responsible for deciding about unit level events.

Response to Member Suggestions:  It is probably time to update our address file on the computer.  This can easily be done by accessing the ACBL files.  We will try to do it about once a quarter.  Mike will do it soon. 

A member was wondering about any decision about Ivan’s role when he returns.  The board is unanimous in believing he should be part of the discussion.  It would be advantageous to have the partnership person be someone who plays all three regular games a week.   Until then perhaps we should formalize the title and tasks involved for the multiple volunteers.   We want to make sure they are not getting burned out.

Old Business:  Charities need to be identified for charity games.  Gordon will ask the members to make suggestions in the box. Some ideas from board members include:  Sr Center, Food Bank, KUAC, ACCA and others.

Our policy for mentoring was briefly discussed but no decision was made as the board believes more thinking and perhaps research is needed to create a good policy.

There was discussion about free plays for a new person and the member who introduces them, but this will require further thought to determine who is “New” and other factors.

Free plays are not valid for the sectional unless specifically identified as such.


Free plays needs to be clarified.  At this point the following are given free plays:

§  Directors when directing a game

§  Phone callers / partnership coordination for games they coordinate

§  Set up person

§  Emergency fill- in partners

§  Easy Bridge Teacher, on the night she teaches

§  Hand Of The Week Author,  gets one FP per month, while being written

§  One for students the first time they play a real game with the club

§  Graduation award of 4 plays at the end of an Easy Bridge series

§  Sporadic club appreciation awards (last used in summer 2009)

§  For each 25 games played


Easy Bridge will be graduating in about May and we would like to have a celebration, perhaps including others in town that play more social bridge, in order to encourage them to play in the club.   Penny will be consulted about this.

The next meeting will be 4/9/2010, 5:30 PM at the senior center

Meeting adjourned at 6:43PM

Respectfully submitted by Patty Meritt, Secretary