Farthest North Bridge Club board Minutes – October 2007
  • Call to order by Shirley Liss 6:25 PM
  • Manager’s report accepted by consensus
    Minutes accepted by consensus
    Treasurer’s report accepted by consensus
    President’s report accepted
    Old Business:
    New officer list sent to ACBL
    Ivan is happy with the adjustment in the payment plan.
    Discussion of sanctioned games. We are sanctioned for a novice game by ACBL. Shirley will work with Penny for this game for players with 20 MP or less
    It is hoped that there will soon be a Easy Bridge 2. Penny has the best feeling for when there will be enough players ready and interested.
    Betty made a motion and Patty seconded it to pay for an advertisement in the paper to announce the Easy Bridge classes.
    General discussion of the excellent job Penny has done for the EB folks and that we want to acknowledge her. Shirley will create a certificate. We may celebrate with a cake too.
  • New Business
    Penny wants to have a Sunday bridge party.
    Need a tournament committee. The Elks lodge is getting an agreement ready. Betty will follow this up.
    Betty has checked the availability of the Senior center for daytime Bridge. It is available M-F after 2 PM and the 1 st sat. of the month and the last Sunday of the month.
    With Gordon involved in the symphony and Shirley traveling plus the expanding number of games, we have an urgent need for more directors. There is an on-line class and regional classes. It costs about $30 for the books. Mike Schmahl is a qualified director – we wonder why he does not play any more.
  • Shirley purchased a keypad for entering the scores into the computer.
    Dave will check with Larry for the Quickbooks software,
    Dave will check on local pencils. Betty has an internet site possibility. The club will reimburse the fees once the person becomes certified. The cost is about $50.
    Betty will learn how to input the scores into the computer.
    Betty has publicity ideas including outreach to the military and the university and newcomers to Fairbanks.
  • There is interest in an afternoon game. We decide to try to set it up for Wed afternoon. Betty will arrange it. Shirley will be the director when possible.
  • Next meeting will tentatively be 12/18 at 5:00 PM