Farthest North Bridge Club  - UNIT 426 
October Board Meeting Minutes

October 2009 Called to order at 5:30

Attending: David, Mike, Gordon, Patty attending. Nancy may be out of town

Approved the August and September minutes


Treasurer: September 1 st through today loss of $136.79; this is because both August and September payments for Ivan were included in this reporting period.

Checking account balance $6196.44. Expenses to be reimbursed are approximately $1000 CD = $5571.11 maturing end of October. We are currently earning small amounts of interest. Mike recommends 12 month CDs instead of 3 month. He thinks we should put 1/3 in a CD for 12 months and 1/3 in another 12 month CD to mature on an alternating schedule.

Overall we had a $63 gain for the month, which was remarkable given all the special games.

Names on the bank account have been changed so that Mike is added. Ivan and Betty and Gordon remain. Shirley and Julie have been removed.

Motion by Mike to purchase a $4k 12 month and a $4k 6 months and let the current CD expire. 2 nd by Patty Passed unanimously. Moved to accept the treasurers report, David 2 nd. Unanimous agreement

Old Business:

No need to readdress the B y-Laws; We gave Julie the free play

Ivan cannot leave town yet; he will let us know 2 weeks before he leaves. We will make discrete inquiries as the opportunity permits.

Did not go to the stack due to a conflict with district regionals.

2010 Sectional: After checking on a few other places, Nancy unofficially told Patty we need to stay at the Elks, as no where else will be less money. Date was discussed for the sectional would be either the last weekend in July or first weekend in August, depending on when the Elks and a director are available. We are investigating the dates of the fair. David will accompany Nancy to secure a contract, with a receipt from the Elks. We should make sure the elevator is working. Penny reported the investigation included the Alpine, the Carlson Center, the Civic Center, Wedgewood.

Mike moved to make the dates for the 5 th - 8 th 2010, pending on the Elks club availability. David seconded. There was unanimous approval.

New Business:

What happened to the Tuesday game? This Tuesday it was cut short. Gordon came at 10 and the building was closed. More directors would be better. People need to study the book and take a class and then pass a test. We need to find people. Marcia, Betty, Penny were people who might be interested. Discussion ensued as to whether or not there is a better time or day to have games. The suggestion box has requested earlier times

Little red cards: Do we want to keep this policy? Yes, but we need to re-set the date so that it clears every January 1. Mike made the motion David seconded. Passed unanimously. We need to print more red cards. Rene may have the master. Patty will print more.

Adjourned 6:45 pm to the call of the president