SEPTEMBER 19, 2008

Shirley’s notes from Sept 19 Board meeting (Secretary Patty Meritt was not there) – they will be inserted at appropriate place in the agenda – Agenda items in Bold

Agenda for FNBC Board Meeting – Sept 19, 2008 5PM Attending were Shirley Liss, Gordon Bower, and Dave Williams.
Minutes from previous board meeting - Shirley read a copy of minutes from June 11, 2008

Old Business
Election Results – the Sept election – No further discussion of election
Election Results – the May meeting – Shirley brought in the ballots from the May “special meeting” and commented that the member’s recommendations on Ivan’s pay ranged from $0 to give him the entire $10,000. The majority wanted him to play free.
Ivan’s compensation – Shirley reminded the board that at the meeting before the “special meeting”, Ivan said he would accept free plays and .50/person. She asked the others to approve starting this change in October. Dave said OK, Gordon nodded. It passed.

Continuing Business
Alaska Incorporation Gail came by later in the meeting, she gave out a copy of the form and she and the board will deal with it at next meeting.
New Version of Constitution Dave sent out copies --- but they were in docx format. Shirley requested a copy in .doc format and Dave said he will send one.
Easy Bridge There is currently a class running from Sept to Dec – only 3 students since it wasn’t advertised
Fate of the Wed Game for now it will continue
Nominations for the bi-monthly appreciation award a person was suggested but later we substituted Bob Serchen for his service as a board member. He was due to leave town soon.

New Business
Next year’s sectional – when applying for sanction – need a contact – who will find a tournament chair etc. Shirley would apply for sanction.
Get contract for use of Senior center for coming year after new SC director is install Shirley will make a copy of last year’s contract (arranged by Ken Alt) and give it to Dave and he will take care of this when senior center has new director.
Get arrangements firmed up with Elks or “where ever” for next Aug No volunteers – so Shirley did it – we have the Elks for first week-end in Aug. Person to see is Sue and we need to give her a deposit.

Divide up the monthly work which needs to be done for the club Gordon felt that we should bundle all the tasks and hire a manager to do the jobs that need to be done rather than piece out the work. Shirley said we can’t hire somebody to do the managers job as long as we are currently paying a manager and reminded them that that is what she tried to do in May. So following is the results.

Treasurer: Since Betty is out of town most of winter, Julie Werda has volunteered to do the treasurers job. The board approved allowing her signature on the club checking account (which requires 2 signatures) as long as another board member signs – that means she and Ivan cannot both sign since neither are board members.
Membership: Renee Kappen will take care of membership. She will pass out the monthly free plays to those who played a multiple of 25 games, and for the monthly masterpoint winners.
Increasing game fees for special games Shirley suggested raising the fees to $6. for the more expensive games we have ( the ones where we get a booklet). Gordon says if we do that folks won’t come. Dave said we have a lot of money. Item failed.
Conduct some of the club business on line Shirley said since all board members have e-mail, we could do some business on line. Everyone seemed to agree.
Set a date for Christmas Party Gordon said planning a party is not the business of the unit. Shirley agreed that was the case, but for practical purposes, the club and unit here are almost the same. Final outcome – check with the membership about what would be a good date and check with Shirley Daniel to see if she would like to have it at her house and if not, find a place.

OTHER ITEMS NOT ON THE AGENDA Penny came in around 6PM and passed out a green sheet with a lot of suggestions. This is what she suggested:

Penny’s Suggestions

The Board’s comments and actions.

1. Have N/S be responsible for having the right boards
2. No wandering – everyone stay seated until every pair is finished playing.
3. Eliminate food.
4. Teach members more of the rules to eliminate director calls.
5. Don’t read scores out loud.
6. Announce when you should be on last round.
7. Have N/S stationary as much as possible. 8. Give as many masterpoints as possible.

9. Have a suggestion box.
10 Have a Swiss team game.

11. Announce board meeting way in advance and on web.
12. Have a Saturday Beginners Game.

13. Don’t cut free plays.

1. It’s director’s responsibility to see that right boards are played.
2. members wouldn’t do it.

3. Again, members wouldn’t like it.
4. Any volunteers?

5. Good luck!
6. The timer is on the computer screen – everyone is free to take a look at how much time is left.
7 & 8 are incompatible – we’ve tried to have as many special games as possible to give out as many points as possible.

9. Dave volunteered to make a suggestion box.
10. We’ll give it a try – and also try an individual duplicate movement sometime.
11. The next one is Nov 14.

12. At Penny’s request, we’ve had a sanction for a Friday beginner’s game for 2 years and there has never been a game held.
13. There still is free plays.

Other Comment: Patty Meritt and Ivan Grondin were present at the last 10 minutes of the meeting.

Set a date for next Board Meeting Next meeting is 5PM Friday Nov 14 at the senior center.

Adjourn Meeting ended about 6:40