UNIT 426
BOARD MINUTES FOR February 2/6/09

Meeting called to order 5:40at Denny’s coffee shop
Board attending : Shirley, David, Gordon, Patty; Betty out of town
Club members attending: Bonnie Williams, Penny Wakefield, Ivan Grodin

Problems at the sr. center
They will leave the door open. There will be a phone later. Storage is ok

Article of incorporated & other business
Gail has us incorporated; she has the funds for the city and state licenses for 2 years; we have a new fed id number
Current Bylaws need to be revised for the state meeting;
$25 for the “Farthest North Bridge Club” to register with the state. We decided not to do it. Deemed unnecessary.  

Cold weather policy
Some do not like the new cold weather policy, that Ivan will call. If there are 10 people, we will have a game regardless of the temp. We decided to maintain this policy for now. People who do not want to come out do not have to, but those who want to can play.

 GNT (Grand National Teams) There were 4 tables. Winners were posted on the web page. No suggestions for next year. Vancouver Canada will be the district tournament in the first weekend of April. Penny suggests we practice this once and a while. Gordon says we have to have open pair on Tuesdays and Wednesday and Fridays due to our sanction with ACBL. We could have a special game any other time slot.

Tournament Chair
Patty will ask around for a tournament chair. Free play for the coordinator.

 Easy Bridge 14 in Easy Bridge on Mondays. Had to order more books. 4 on Friday for the more advanced. They all saw the ad in the paper. She might need card tables.

 Membership Drive
Shirley has a plan to divide a pair and have them assist a new person.
Gordon says it is easiest to have a standby who is ready to drop out for the night. Discussion between Gordon and Shirley about technicalities. Patty volunteered to go home tonight, if needed.

Cell phone policy
Gordon requested ideas. Policy is that there will be no cell phones unless there is an emergency need. If there is an emergency need, the person should notify the director. Mike would allow each person one warning, then give a penalty in the scoring. For now there will just be an announcement each game to please turn off your cell phones.

Upcoming social events: Valentine party next week 2/13- Eat your heart out Friday at 5:30. Will do something on 2/24 for Mardi Gras. Next one may be for St Paddy’s Day on Tuesday 3/17

Next meeting Shirley will not be available. Gordon will chair a meeting the first Friday in March if there is any business to conduct. 5:30, at the Sr. Center.

April meeting will be 4/3 5:30 at the Sr. Center

Adjourned 6:30 PM.