Unit 426 Board of Directors’ Meeting

September 9, 2007

President Ken Alt called the meeting to order at 12:45 pm at Patty Meritt’s home. Fourteen members were present and all were ACBL members.

President’s Remarks

Ken thanked Patty for the use of her home and introduced the two new board members, David Williams and Bob Serchen. They were appointed by the board to finish the terms of Renee Kappen and Larry Foster who resigned earlier this year.

Ken commented that the game director is efficiently transferring game data electronically and the club website is up and functioning. Penny is in charge of the website and all should look forward to seeing minutes of our board meetings, newsworthy information, special game announcements, etc at the website.

Ken is encouraging a “kinder, gentler” atmosphere within the club with emphasis on new and hopefully, younger members. We need to continue our mentoring program.

Ken said the board continues to work on obtaining our tax ID, and the board needs to be more up-to-date regarding special games the club plays.


Betty gave the 2006 Secretary’s Annual Report Minutes and the Treasurer’s Report. The bank balance as of 9/3/07 is $5,331.73 and the CD at Wells Fargo (renewed 7/30/07 at 5% APR) is $5,252.89. Both reports were approved.

Betty also gave the 2007 tournament financial report. Neither tournament chair was available; but Ken reported that the tournament was a success and that Anchorage attendees greatly help make the tournament successful. Improved housing options at the University was also a factor in the 2007 tournament success. Shirley commented that more people are expected from Whitehorse in 2008. The 2008 Tournament will be held July 28-August 3.

New Business

The board manager or appointee needs to sanction 2008 Tournament.

By-laws need to be changed to reflect the current separation of Secretary and Treasurer board positions.

Ken introduced the topic of having social potlucks and day club games. Sat. or Sunday was mentioned as good times. Bonnie suggested we have games on Sunday afternoon for 6 months as a trial. Betty mentioned that a church uses the Senior Center on Sundays except for the last Sunday of the month. Betty will check on the times the church uses the Senior Center.

EASYBRIDGE – Currently there is a new class and some from the last class are interested in playing with the regular group on Tues/Fri. Having a social night for new players was discussed and Shirley commented that having a novice game is currently sanctioned. Gordon commented on the need to get players into the 2 nd-3 rd EASYBRIDGE book.

Nancy Williams will write a letter the News Miner regarding the restoring of the bridge column in the newspaper. She will have members sign the letter before mailing.

North American Pairs special game was discussed. It was decided to hold the game the first Tues. or Friday when players are ACBL members.

It was announced that the Instant Matchpoint Game will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2 Street Station, 7 pm.

Election of Board Members

Ken asked for floor nominations. As there were none, the move to close the nominations was approved. Judith distributed the ballots and after members voted, Judith and Gail counted the ballots. The new board members for the Unit are Betty Chavez, Shirley Liss, and Patty Meritt. The outgoing board members, Ken Alt and Judith Strohmaier were thanked for serving on the board and Julie Werda was thanked for her willingness to run as a candidate for the board of directors.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Chavez, Acting Secretary