Farthest North Bridge, ACBL Unit 426, Board Meeting

February 12, 2010 – approved as corrected on 3/16/2010

Attending:  Gordon Bower, Mike Schmal, Patty Meritt, David Williams, Nancy by phone, Gail

Minutes:  Approved as corrected

Member input:  Gail suggested we might want a new registered agent.  The board suggested it was a secretary function.  Mike moved and David seconded that Patty will be the registered agent at 620 Eton Blvd.  Fairbanks, AK 99709.  Passed unanimously.  The board will write a check to $25 for the State.

We should establish a date for the change to the new organization.  David moved and Patty seconded the new date as January 1, 2009.  According to Gail it had been approved at the annual meeting in 2008.  She will check with ACBL to see if they need to be involved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Since September we have earned  $559.26.  Our total equity is $12198.13.  Full report will be sent electronically and included in the minutes.  Moved to accept by Patty; seconded by Nancy.  Approved unanimously.

Old Business:

Any member will be reimbursed for Director training no more $150, upon passing the testing.  Moved by Mike and seconded by Patty.  Passed unanimously.

Free plays / compensation:

Mike moved and Patty seconded “The opener, the director and the phone caller will each be offered a waiver of the fee for the game. “  Passed unanimously.

Sectional:  Gordon sent the information  event schedule to ACBL.  Patty recommend we ask the members if they are willing to host someone.

Special games:  Recent ones were set up by Gordon, using Ivan’s password.

Manager’s Position:

Patty moved and David seconded that for now Mike will full fill these duties, pending Ivan’s return.  Passed unanimously.

New Bylaws:  Gail will send these to Penny to put on the web page.

Easy bridge:  Currently, Penny plays free on the night she teaches, the student’s first game is free.  Patty moved the club will give a waiver of fees for 4 club games to students who complete the Easy Bridge sequence of 15 classes , the first time they successfully complete the course.  David seconded it.  Unanimously passed.

Mentors for new players will be discussed next time.  We currently give a free play to a person who brings in a new player.

Coupons for every 25th game

Per President Gordon:  On further consideration, the change we proposed at the November meeting turns out to be more work for us than the old way was (Mike had a new spreadsheet I didn't know about at the time.) Do we want to rescind the decision to round off at the end of each year?

Mike moved to rescind the previous motion.  David seconded.  We will go back to the former policy that after every 25 plays , people are given a waiver of fees for 1 game.

Special game schedule:

The last two weeks of February be junior fund games, where we can get extra master points.

Saturday February 27 would be used for Grand National Teams, with a potluck

The world wide game will be June 4-5.  Mike will order the materials.

April is charity month with ACBL.  We will have 6 games and let the membership help decide on the local charities.

The 1st quarterly championship games are the week of 3/22-26.

2nd quarter games are May 18, 19 and 21.

Next meeting will be March 16, 5:30 at the Sr. Center.

Adjourned 6:58pm.