Board Meeting Minutes 4/24/08

Convened at 6 PM at the home of Shirley Liss

Attending: Shirley Liss, Betty Chavez, Bob Serchen, David Williams (Board Members)

Ivan Grondin (Club Manager), Gordon Bower (Club Director), Ken Alt (Club Member)


Minutes of last month were approved.


Treasurer’s report given by Betty was approved. Checking account balance as of 4/24/09 is $5,468.58 and Betty commented that when she checked regarding the CD (Approx $5,300) she was informed it would mature 5/30/08 and she will let the board know the new interest rate at the time of renewal.


Betty attempted to complete the required IRS report Form 990-N online but we no longer have the required tax number because of Ivan’s failure to report to the IRS when he was managing the money. Therefore, after calling the IRS, Shirley and Betty were assured we would be issued a new number within a few weeks and then we may complete the form.


Old Business:


During Anchorage tournament in June, Fairbanks players will play free for all three sessions of play on June 17, 18, and 20.


Vivian Stiver has proposed a charity game for Love, Inc. Shirley will check with her as to when would be a good date.


April is charity month and the charity is the Senior Center. A dollar of each player’s fees (every other game) will go to the Senior Center.


“Just Because” award – Mel and Karen Harvey. Club Appreciation award – Ken Alt. Betty will give them their certificates on Friday eve. 5/25/08.


Club Manager. The board members, Ivan, Gordon, and Ken discussed Shirley’s memo of the manager’s and director’s duties and a need for our manager to take on some of these duties. Currently, these duties have been picked up by directors, board members, and other volunteers because the current manager, Ivan, is unable to perform them. However, the board failed to reach a consensus of what to do. Ivan is willing to continue calling people for the games, and collect money. He also proposed that he receive a free play and .50 per person called as that would help him taxwise. Of the board members present eligible to vote, two members (David and Bob) voiced “status quo” with Ivan continuing to call people, etc., for $1. pay per person ($544 Jan-Mar/08) and with another manager hired to do necessary managerial duties. The other two board members, (Shirley and Betty) voiced a change in manager with Ivan being recognized for the years of hard work put into this club. But, a club manager with strong computer skills is necessary to comply with club financial, IRS requirements and ACBL required reporting. Paying for a managerial position AND Ivan’s position would result in a rapid depletion of club funds. Patty Meritt was unable to attend this meeting and sent a proxy; but President Liss said her proxy was ineligible, as all board members must be present to vote. A special membership meeting will be held 5/30/08 at 6:30 pm to resolve the managerial issue. Position statements by the opposing board members will be sent to the members at large before the meeting.


New Business:

World Bridge Contest is on Sat., June 7. Ivan will check if we can use the Senior Center for this game.

North American Pairs game-September 2008. This is an opportunity for gold points. Gordon Bower agreed to coordinate this game.

An updated 2008 Game Schedule is available. It will be placed online at our web site and copies will be available at the senior center during club games.

The chairs for the sectional scheduled for July 31-Aug. 3 at the Elks club are Pam Woodward and Gail Ballou.

Shirley will look into appropriate locks to secure storage of the club computer at the Senior Center.

Convention cards by club members. Gordon commented that they are required at sectionals or higher and are encouraged; but not required at the club/unit level. However, alerts are required at the club/unit level. The board approved the required use of alerts.

Respectfully Submitted

Betty Chavez