Farthest North Bridge Club
Board Meeting Minutes 3/10/08
Convened at 6 PM at the home of Shirley Liss
Attending: Shirley Liss, Betty Chavez, Bob Serchen, Patty Meritt

Minutes from the last meeting were not available.

Treasurer’s report submitted by Betty and accepted by the Board. Checking account balance as of 2/29/08 = $4629.14. CD of $5300 matures 3/30/08. Betty will check on the rate of interest if we renew. Also, Betty discovered a $25 fee for a “rewards card” which she cancelled. For the past quarter there has been a small gain each month totaling slightly over $250.

Old Business:

Shirley gave Betty the IRS 990 form and Betty agreed to file our taxes on line.

Certificates were signed issuing free plays to Penny, Viv and this month’s “Just Because” winner.

We are approved for the sectional in August. Marcia will host Roger Putnam.

Bob believes we should not have so much money just sitting in the bank. He thinks as a non-profit we should spend it for the benefit of the members or give some of it away to charity. After discussion the Board agreed to offer free plays for solstice June 17, 18 and 20 in hopes of having good participation here while many are gone to the tournament in Anchorage.

New Business:

Club schedule: Regular weekly games are played Tuesday and Friday 7 PM and Wed 1:30 pm

Special games were scheduled through the end of the calendar year. Quarterly club championship games with double master points are designated with 2X; charity games are denoted with C$. The schedule is as follows:

March 2X will be: 3/12, 3/18 and 3/26. 3/12 will also be C$

April C$ with extra points= 4/8, 4/16 and 4/25

May 2X = 5/13, 5/28

June 2X= 6/27 FREE SOLTICE PLAY 6/17, 18 and 20

July 2X= 7/8 and 7/23. July 18 = ACBL wide international fund game – hand records

July 31-August 3 Club Sectional

August 2x = 8/22

September 11 = Instant Matchpoint Game – hand records
Annual meeting; date TBA with 1-2 sessions of North America Pairs qualifying game

October Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Games (extra points) = 10/7, 10/15 & 10/24

November 2x = 11/5 and 11/11

Annual holiday party TBA

December 2x = 12/12

Betty strongly believes we should have co-chairs and they should find committee chairs to spread the tasks such as prizes, food, housing, to many people. Last year Pam co-chaired with Karen. Pam is willing again. It was suggested she should find another who is willing to work with her on it. Patty would like us to offer housing to those coming from out of town. The Elks club is confirmed; Betty got a signed contract for 12-10:30 PM on 7/31-8/2 and from 9:30 – 6 on 8/3 for a total fee of $600.

Betty stated we need to seek further to find a different location for the following year. She has been unable to locate anything else. Betty will order more replacement cards for the bidding boxes.

Board info. On web site
Shirley, Betty and Bob agreed to have their email and phone put on the web site. Patty agreed her name can go up but not the other information.

Club Manager duties were discussed. Based on her understanding of the previous meeting, Shirley as President, talked with Ivan about the responsibilities of the manager. It is her belief that there are now a lot more duties needed than he is performing. The Board asked Shirley to make a list of all the duties. It was agreed Ivan can keep doing what he is doing for as long as he wants. It may be necessary to hire someone else to do some of the other tasks such as computerized reports and interfacing with ACBL. After Shirley compiles the list, the Board will decide about offering the other duties to interested club members.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM
Respectfully submitted by Patty Meritt

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